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I am a notary public, virtual bookkeeping professional, life insurance agent, P&C insurance agent, and certified tax preparer based in central California. In my "spare time" I am also a dairywoman, Arabian and Morgan horse enthusiast, Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder, and artist. I don't do down time!

I ventured out and started my own virtual bookkeeping business after I realized my passion is helping small business owners like you with their books so they can focus on the aspects of their business that they truly know best and excel in.

It didn't take long before I opted to include life insurance through PFA in my business as well, and the reason was simple- living benefits. What could be a better way to stick to the motif of financial peace of mind than offering life insurance you don't have to die to use?

Tax preparation was the obvious choice to be added into the mix, and knowing I'm charging competitive prices felt even better. You earned your tax return, you deserve to keep more of it for your own investments.

Notary public services were in demand locally, so I added that license to me repertoire in 2020!

Functioning entirely virtually gives me the ability to work with small businesses "from sea to shining sea". Think of me as the bookkeeping back office for your business- without getting in the way and making a mess! 



In a nutshell, a virtual bookkeeping professional (VBP) delivers the best possible service without being limited by where you are located. You as a business owner would be outsourcing to a business that has no reason not to be paperless and effective, versus an in-house bookkeeper that would create a physical mess and take up a space in the office.

Pricing is based by value and varies from business to business- some are serviced at $200 per month and others are at $1000 per month. One size does not fit all. In order to quote your business I would need to know what services you are looking for (i.e. simple data entry and reconciliation vs. full service), how many bank accounts I'll be working with, and how many transactions per month for each account.

Cleanups are done at an hourly rate, and are currently charged at $40 per hour.


Indexed Universal Life Insurance through PFA is not only insurance you don't have to die to use, it is also a safe and guaranteed means of investing your money. Purchase now at the lowest rate available to you and create a nest egg for yourself or your family.

As with any insurance, premiums are entirely case by case. If you are interested to know how much life insurance through PFA would cost you, email me and I will draw up an illustration free of charge.


Maintaining that this is a virtual business, I also offer both personal and business tax preparation remotely. 

Business taxes are currently prepared for a starting rate of $275 (additional fees charged if cleanup is needed, see the Virtual Bookkeeping section for the current hourly rate).

Personal taxes are prepared for a starting rate of $100 (for simple W2s only, max 3 W2s).

  • +$30 for each additional W2 beyond total above

Families with multiple deductions, properties, investments, etc. can have their taxes prepared at a starting rate of $200. Price will fluctuate and increase depending on each situation.


Notary public service prices vary depending on the type of document that I am notarizing, whether or not I have to travel, and whether or not I have to print the document (and how large or small the document is).

Single document signings, for one signer, that I don't have to print or travel for, start at $15.

Something larger, such as a loan signing, that I am printing and traveling for, will be in the $100-$200 range. Please contact me about scheduling a signing, as well as case specific pricing.